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Filmabend, Wednesdays, 6.30 pm (Room: Morton 001)

Another good opportunity to learn more about German culture is our Deutscher Filmabend. Wednesdays at 6.30 pm we are showing contemporary German movies and classics, ranging from comedies to historical movies and documentaries.

Der Filmabend in dieser Woche (10/01/2014)!

Der blaue Engel (1930)

The story involves the fall and humiliation of Prof. Immanuel Rath (Jannings), a respected high school professor who one day confiscates a postcard showing Lola Lola (Dietrich), the dancer at a local nightclub. Visiting the club to reprimand any students he might find there, the professor falls under the spell of Dietrich, who looks fleshier and more carnal than she later appeared. Soon he is lost.